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Adapting innovative technologies

Sometimes we build new technology from scratch. But others, we look at what’s already out revolutionizing other industries, and figure out how it can help make our operations safer, too
Watch how bp’s Drilling Simulator prepares crews for the unexpected

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Drill simulation training

bp drilling teams train in virtual reality simulators, so we are better prepared.

Robotic inspection technology

At bp, our engineers use robotic ultrasound technology to detect and repair issues like corrosion before they ever become a problem. 

Drone technology

At bp, we’ve pioneered drone technology to monitor our refinery operations, giving our engineers the opportunity to spot potential safety issues from any angle.

Advanced thermal imaging

See how bp uses new thermal imaging technology to inspect remote pipelines.

Adapting existing technology

At bp, we adapt the best existing technology for new uses, such as leveraging ultrasound technology used to see inside patients to detect early signs of corrosion at our refineries.