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bp Ultimate Unleaded with ACTIVE technology

 bp Ultimate Unleaded with ACTIVE technology

Dirt is a hidden enemy that could be lurking in your engine.


Dirt can form and build up over time on critical engine parts, such as intake valves and fuel injectors, and can contribute to: 

  • sluggish engine performance 
  • increased fuel consumption  
  • less smooth running 
  • critical engine parts needing repair .

A build-up of dirt can create more dirt within the engine – it’s a vicious cycle.   


That’s why bp Ultimate Unleaded with ACTIVE technology is specially formulated to help clean and maintain petrol engines. It starts working from your very first fill, removing harmful dirt from inside your engine and helping to stop it from coming back.    


With ongoing use, bp Ultimate Unleaded with ACTIVE technology helps keep your engine performing as the manufacturer intended and helps reduce the risk of unplanned maintenance and breakdowns.  


What’s more, bp Ultimate Unleaded with ACTIVE technology helps improve vehicle efficiency and can give you more kilometres per tank.*  


* Benefit is achieved over time with ongoing use, and may vary due to factors including vehicle type, condition and driving style. 
The benefits

bp Ultimate Unleaded with ACTIVE technology contains millions of dirt-busting molecules that start fighting the harmful effects of dirt the moment you start your car. 


 With ongoing use, bp Ultimate Unleaded with ACTIVE technology helps: 

  • improve vehicle efficiency, giving you more kilometres per tank*
  • maximise and maintain engine performance
  • reduce the risk of unplanned maintenance and breakdowns
  • deliver a smooth driving experience.

Choose bp Ultimate Unleaded with ACTIVE technology every time you fill up to help your car stay healthy and perform at its best.

* Benefit is achieved over time with ongoing use, and may vary due to factors including vehicle type, condition and driving style.
ACTIVE technology

bp Ultimate Unleaded with ACTIVE technology contains millions of dirt-busting molecules, specially designed to clean your petrol engine and protect it from harmful dirt. 

bp’s innovative formulation fights dirt in two clever ways:  

  1. ACTIVE molecules attach to existing dirt and drag it away from critical engine parts. The dirt mixes with the fuel and is then safely burnt in the engine. 
  2. ACTIVE molecules also attach to clean metal surfaces in engines, forming a protective layer which helps stop dirt from binding onto the metal.  

With ongoing use, bp Ultimate Unleaded with ACTIVE technology forms a barrier against dirt on critical engine parts to protect against it coming back and helps keep your engine performing as the manufacturer intended. 

How we did it

Engine technologies evolve and continue to place increasingly high demands on fuels. So, at bp we work to anticipate and understand these changes, ensuring that our fuel formulations complement the very latest engine innovations while continuing to benefit older engines too.     


bp Ultimate fuels with ACTIVE technology are truly special. Five years in the making, they were subjected to more than 80 different test methods and tested for thousands of hours in engines and vehicles to prove the benefits.   


The result is our range of dirt-busting fuels. bp Ultimate fuels with ACTIVE technology, start fighting the harmful effects of dirt from your very first fill and with ongoing use help keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently and performing at its best. 

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