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Being confident in who I am

Kim wasn’t out as transgender before joining BP. Now, as an active member of the BP Pride community, they are raising awareness of transgender issues in the workplace

BP Pride is as varied as the rainbow

Five years ago Joanne began her transition from male to female and two years ago, while working for BP in Oman, she began to struggle in a culture that is less accepting of LGBT+ people

What being part of BP Pride means to me

Four years ago, Eddy attended a safe space training course organised by BP Pride. Eddy was inspired to become a part of this process. Today his passion is in driving the diversity & inclusion agenda as co-chair of BP Pride

Giving a voice to BP’s LGBT+ community

As a gay woman and a steering committee member of the internal employee group BP Pride, Joanne is also a key driver of the LGBT+ community at BP

BP Veterans Group launches in the UK

BP in the UK increases support for veterans and ex-emergency services staff

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