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Learning and development

Our commitment to building a stronger, safer, reliable and more sustainable energy future goes hand in hand with our commitment to the people who will make it possible

You’ll have access to structured courses, online learning, mentors and a whole host of other methods for continuing your development. These will focus on leadership, communication and presentation skills, as well as technical capabilities.


You’ll build your confidence and gain different perspectives by tapping into the knowledge of people working alongside you, who include some of the industry’s brightest minds.


Equally important, we develop our managers too, so that they can bring the best out of their people.

Digital learning solutions

At bp, we want our people to perform to their true potential to meet bp goals by creating innovative, effective and engaging digital learning solutions and experiences.

bp University

bp University is the central home for talent and learning options for our employees and offers a wide range of learning, development and training opportunities.

Graduate challenger programme

Our challenge programme immerses graduates from many countries and disciplines rapidly into the world of bp. It offers early development of both technical and professional skills, along with practical experience working on live projects and formal learning.

Job opportunities at bp