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Advancing with passion: Ben's story

20 September 2019
"I design and implement automated solutions for our global network operations, from working with legacy platforms to modern cloud-first applications. Every day brings a new set of challenges at BP."

Digital and technology has always been something I wanted to do, ever since I was a little kid. Before I got my degree in Network Design and Security, I joined BP as an intern which led to me join as a permanent member in the Network team.


My current role in Australia is DevOps Manager which is half engineering and half influencing the team, getting them to think outside the box as well as push them to learn new things. I design and implement automated solutions for our global network operations, from working with legacy platforms to modern cloud-first applications. Every day brings a new set of challenges at BP.


"I’m passionate about technology and solving problems. As a hobby I do a lot of programming and electronics and often automate things around my own house – recently I made my own sprinkler system for the garden, and also a facial recognition system for my front door.


Receiving support, all the way


The level of support I have received since starting as an intern has been great. All the IT leaders are so approachable and I meet with them on a regular basis. 


BP has an amazing mentoring system too. My mentors helped me navigate the BP business, get my ideas across and communicate them in a clear and concise way. For example, one of my mentors also helped me improve my networking skills which are now crucial for connecting with people.


Inspired to solve global challenges


As BP is always looking for improvement, there are chances to play around with the latest technologies, but there is also the opportunity to really test myself. For example, I learned that data analysis could have a great impact on BP in the future. Being able to do more with the data we collect from IOT devices helps us solve issues such as reducing emissions, finding efficiencies in our plant operations and revolutionising the retail experience.


BP is such a large company - every single day brings new challenges that allow me to operate at immense scale. I wouldn’t wish to be anywhere else. Compared to other companies, I get much more of a chance to make a name for myself at BP. My colleagues always support me, and there are so many great opportunities to learn new things. "

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