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Finding the perfect role: Sabrina's story

19 September 2019
"A lot of people don’t realise how innovative and tech-driven we are at BP. We’re providing the tools and technology to make the energy transition happen."

It was a huge and exciting challenge starting a ‘grown-up job’ in a language I’d only started to learn a couple of years before. I grew up in France and studied management, so it was a big change to move to the UK to do a Masters in computing. I really enjoyed both, and realised I wanted a career that mixed the two.


I’ve been at BP for five years and started as a contractor analyst. In my two years as a contractor, my manager gave me the opportunity to try different roles including project management, publishing as well as developing mobile applications, where I still am today. I have recently been promoted to a role as service owner of mobile apps at BP, which is highly rewarding.


We’re innovating every day


A lot of people don’t realise how innovative and tech-driven we are at BP. We’re providing the tools and technology to make the energy transition happen. Just the other day I tried on some VR glasses that take you ‘live’ to an oil rig in the middle of an ocean – they are used to train operators, and are an incredible way to harness HoleLens technology.


At the moment I’m developing mobile apps which help our teams in their everyday jobs. It’s an area where you need to know a bit of everything, so you’ve got to be on your toes – even more so when you’re looking after a team of developers, testers and project managers.


The last app I worked on was really exciting, and a lot of teams around the globe have already starting using it. It’s designed to make our oil platform operators’ job easier and safer, by guiding them through their tasks and equipment – and I’m hugely proud to have been a part of it."


An inspiring, supportive culture 


BP is definitely an inspiring place for women. My three main mentors are female, and I learn so much for them; there’s a real commitment to sharing knowledge and support here, and a belief in helping each other.


There are always fresh new challenges here, which makes the job lots of fun. I love that my role is flexible, and that I’m really trusted by my boss. Also, as BP is such a big organisation, with so much variety, there are lots of opportunities within it. I think that if I waslooking to change jobs, I’d definitely look internally!

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