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We have innovation at heart: Clena Marie's story

21 September 2019
"I was blown away by what BP was offering in terms of job experience. So, I decided to join!"

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My entire career prior to BP was in the military. I had never thought about working in energy, but I’ve always been interested in emerging technologies. People that come out of the military usually think about going into consulting or working for government – but I wasn’t sure. I felt like BP was a really good fit for me. And after doing the second-round interview I was blown away by what BP was offering in terms of job experience. So, I decided to join.


BP is very focused on modernisation and digitization – and that’s not just a slogan. We’re really looking into these areas. We work with universities and the tech industry to stay on top of the latest digital trends and work together to understand how we can improve the way we do business.


Hand-in-hand with work and culture


When I first joined BP, I was asked if there was any way I could help in automating the process which deals with moving people around internally. I spent a lot of time understanding their process and figuring out how to use automated processes to track these moves digitally. It really was an interesting challenge where I had a lot of autonomy.


Everyone was really helpful, willing to offer their guidance and happy to make time to answer my questions. And when I decided to get my MBA, everyone was very supportive. While doing my MBA, I also started exploring the organization in search of a team that specifically works with emerging and disruptive technologies. This is how I was introduced to the Digital Innovation Organization (DIO).


I love my team here. I really like how we collaborate and I always enjoy the times we meet and get to know each other better. My team has a very diverse background—from chemistry to music and military to people who have been part of technology start-ups. And the range of personalities makes work so fun.


We have innovation at heart


As part of DIO team, I’m now looking at emerging digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and next generation computing. I like to tell people my role is part tour guide to the future, part scientist or experimentalist, and part architect.


"Here, we operate in really complex environments, tackling the dual challenge of providing more energy with a much smaller carbon footprint. Within our team we encourage and enable the exploration of new ideas. We’re creating the future.

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