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Big changes result in big rewards: Jesus' story

20 September 2019
"My current role is very exciting. Everybody is talking about AI and I’m fortunate enough to work on it to deliver value for BP."

Changing my career to become a petroleum engineer after working as an electrical engineer for 5 years was a huge change for me. Living in Venezuela, I also decided to leave my country, family and friends to pursue a new career in the energy industry in US. Reflecting back on this, I don’t regret any of my decisions.


When I joined BP in the Global Projects Organisation, I worked on Project 20K, a major capital project, intended to push the boundaries of technology. On this huge project I had the chance to learn a lot about BP as well as being presented with fantastic opportunities to get involved into multiple project-engineering roles.


I really loved taking on my new role at BP as a project engineer because my focus was not just on one detail anymore.  Now, I was able to see the bigger picture. Getting to know BP and interact with a wide variety of people so early in my career was a fantastic experience for me.


Energising ways of working


My current role is very exciting. Everybody is talking about AI and I’m fortunate enough to work on it to deliver value for BP. Something I’ve learned is that the predictive analytics journey can be really complex, we are just scratching the surface in this area which is evolving so fast.


I enjoy the agile way of working at BP; it’s very motivating to be empowered to make decisions, to fail and learn so fast and to deliver value to the business more quickly. Plus, the interactions with my colleagues are so valuable. With such great talent around I can learn something new every day.


We stand by our values


My biggest surprise was how much BP cares, and how much they appreciate the core values. It really is incredible to see it across the board. Everyone talks about the BP beliefs and there is shared accountability when it comes to putting our ethics into practice. Here, I feel encouraged to speak up with confidence - my voice will be heard and I will feel respected.


At BP, we are really connected and share our goals and if you're flexible about your role you will discover you’ll be offered a great variety of career options. My career is reflective of this, both inside and outside of BP. I started as a project engineer, and now I’m transforming the energy industry with digital innovations.

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