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A decade of championing communities at BP and beyond: Ching’s story

24 April 2020
When Ching Wan Chiang joined BP Malaysia ten years ago as a management information solution analyst, she set about immersing herself into the company’s culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing
When Ching Wan Chiang joined BP Malaysia ten years ago as a management information solution analyst, she set about immersing herself into the company’s culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing. “During my early years at BP, I was helping to build a community that was passionate about data. In 2012, we launched a management information community of practice”, she recalls. For Ching, the network of colleagues she works alongside at BP, spread globally across five countries, has always been hugely important.
If you work with a team that is passionate, with a great and professional attitude, and if you can connect with them as individuals, it greatly contributes to your wellbeing.

In fact, she attributes her longevity with BP to the teams she’s been part of: “I definitely credit the people whom I have met and worked with over the last decade for this”, she says, “I have met so many people at BP that have become lifetime friends.”


Always developing, always innovating


Describing her current role as service portfolio owner for developer platforms, Ching explains: “I work for ServiceNow and IT4IT for platforms. The platform is used by all of BP's employees globally: if they have technology issues, they’ll log a ticket on my platform. I am the responsible service manager behind this.” 


When considering what this involves on a day-to-day basis, Ching explains further: “Understanding what the customers demand and supplying pipeline, making sure that we have enough capacity, running the default engine, and smoothing the processors to ensure that BP is able to operate as efficiently as possible”.  


More broadly, Ching’s career path at BP has been shaped by her desire to keep developing. “It really hasn't felt like such a long time because I’ve had so many different roles. I am a go-getter for new learning opportunities: I will always say yes to anything that will provide me with exposure to a new area”, she admits.


Whilst she has developed her career across a variety of roles, innovation and technology have been the common thread throughout Ching’s decade at BP: “Innovation never stops and there has never been a boring moment in my career at BP. That is what I enjoy the most: there are always new challenges.”


Ching is part of BP’s Information Technology and Services (IT&S) group. In her words, the role of IT&S involves “continuing to look for new technologies that solve business problems.” Explaining a recent project in more detail, Ching highlights how technological innovations bring value to BP:

Two years ago, we had many legacy systems which were not connected to each other and used for various IT-for-IT purposes. In early 2018, we decided to consolidate all of them onto a new strategic platform called ServiceNow. The platform is used by all BP employees and partners, so it has 73,000 users and it has been scaled to support more than 6,700 IT&S professionals in running day-to-day operations.

Supporting the people around her 


Looking back on what has been her proudest moment at BP, Ching focuses on the community she has fostered and the people she manages. “Seeing others grow, being there for them during difficult times – it's really a sense of personal satisfaction that I cannot measure”, she says.Reflecting on how her life has changed since the arrival of her two children, Ching says, “I have been passionate about being a working mum and making it work. I championed the Working Parent Business Resource Group in Malaysia, forming a network focused on what it’s like to be a working parent, both at BP and externally.”


“The group brings meaningful topics that are relevant for working parents to the table. For example, we brought a local NGO into the BP office to give awareness talks on sex education and our role as parents in ensuring that our kids receive the right knowledge.”

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