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Mixing business and pleasure: Helen's story

"The potential being unleashed by digital, big data and advanced ."technology is going to be game-changing

When I first joined BP I was on a PMO role in the city where the trading arm (IST) is based. I got some great experience working on some great projects across multiple teams. I also spent some time with the Enterprise Architecture team,
helping to establish the original shared technical services such as shared infrastructure for the group.


Now, as an IT director, I’m leading teams across 4 diverse areas - Alternative Energy, Mergers, Acquisition and Remediation Management. So, I get to touch a wide range of projects and initiatives which can span the whole of BP. My career highlight is where I am today. It might sound predictable, but I can’t think of a better role.


I live and work in London and I love to engage as much as I can in what's going on in the community. I love music, film and sport so London is the best place to be for that. I was a ‘Games Maker’ at the 2012 Olympics and got to spend 2 weeks working at Wimbledon; it’s one of my most treasured experiences and makes Wimbledon one of my favourite venues.


Meaningful impact at a global level


My current role focuses on how to empower the team and enable them to be successful. Among others, my responsibilities involve leading our ‘Modernize IT’ movement which addresses how we work and how we organise ourselves, but also how we create a new culture and mind-set.


The potential being unleashed by digital, big data and advanced technology is going to be game-changing. We are already starting to digitize many aspects of the business – in Biofuels we implemented a remote logistics operation centre that has dramatically improved the efficiency of sugarcane cutting, loading and transportation.


I had the privilege of visiting one of our sugar cane mills in Brazil, where I’ve heard a lot about the difference BP makes as an employer in small towns where there aren’t a lot of career opportunities.


Be part of an inspiring team


There’s a real sense of pride working at BP and a real love for the company from its workforce. It's a mutual respect thing. BP extends its employees a huge amount of flexibility, care and support and I think in return it gets really dedicated people with a huge amount of integrity.


This is the best time for anyone to join BP. We need people who are curious, empowered and eager to learn and grow. We want people who will ask questions, challenge the norms and bring information from the outside world to be provocative and disruptive.