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Pursuing her love for data without having to make personal sacrifices: Tamzyn’s story

25 June 2020
Reflecting on what keeps her at bp, Tamzyn adds that she is proud to be working for a company that has made becoming net zero by 2050 or sooner its top priority

When Tamzyn followed the latest trend and joined a computer class in high school in the late eighties, she couldn’t have imagined that it would change her life. “I didn’t know it then, but this was the beginning of my career. I fell in love with computers, and today, I live and breathe technology and data,” she says. 


Prior to this, Tamzyn had always dreamed of becoming a vet. But because of her dyslexia, she struggled to learn the necessary scientific terminology. Pursuing her newfound passion for computers, Tamzyn did a double degree in IT and Commerce at the Australian National University. After graduating, she held various roles in data science and web design, including a role at a bp subsidiary. “When bp offered me a job, I accepted, but in July 2013, I didn’t fully grasp what an amazing and challenging opportunity it would turn out to be, and the immense potential for growth that the role would entail.”


Using data to unlock future potential


Today, Tamzyn is the data management and data science service lead for the AsiaPac region. When Tamzyn first joined bp, she was surprised by how little data was being collected, stored and used on a daily basis. But this has definitely changed over the years:

bp is rapidly becoming one of the world’s best digital employers. It’s energising to be part of this and to help bp unlock future potential.

Looking back at her time at bp, Tamzyn has worked on many innovative projects, but there’s one that she was particularly excited about: “I was part of the team that helped bp embrace Palantir, an analytics and technology partner, to build a world-leading data lake. The data covers the full breadth of bp downstream – operations, supply, finance retail and logistics. This opened up so many windows of opportunity, it’s incredible.” 


Contributing to bp’s energy transition


Reflecting on what keeps her at bp, Tamzyn adds that she is proud to be working for a company that has made becoming net zero by 2050 or sooner its top priority. “From my experience, bp isn’t just about oil, fuel and energy. It’s about making sure that things are done correctly and safely,” she explains. 


And data plays a really important role in the energy transition:  

Data is and will be the key differentiator. I know that if we put the right data insights in front of the right people, they will make the right decisions for the planet and for the company. Knowing that I’m part of this makes me very proud.

Taking care of herself


It’s not only the exciting work she does or bp’s net zero ambition that keep her at the company – but the culture too. Tamzyn appreciates the flexible working arrangements, the transparent knowledge exchange between different segments, and the support she receives from her colleagues and managers.

I previously worked for companies where I burnt myself out and now I self-manage mental illness of depression and anxiety. I love working for a company where I’m constantly doing the coolest things, while still being able to prioritise myself.

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