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The right place to reach your ambitions: David's story

23 September 2019
"With access to a huge pool of resources from customer and consumer bases, market research and consultancy data to turnaround and delivery capabilities at BP, you have a real chance to create business change."

The right place to reach your ambitions


I would describe myself as a digital transformation partner. I help companies go through their journey from traditional business models to digitally enabled platform marketplaces. This means taking advantage of technology, social media and new ways of doing business. 


I joined BP in November 2018 to deliver innovation and digital transformation for the downstream business, looking across every part of downstream and assessing where the opportunities are. Ultimately, I’m working at BP to create a splash in the market place.


I like sitting between technology and customer outcomes and helping BP understand how to leverage that technology to do exciting things. As a digital solutions manager, I’m also responsible for the key digital innovation called ‘smart maintenance’, which essentially is a innovative digital platform that enables new business models."


We collaborate with the brightest minds


At the moment, my area of interest is working with governments and getting them to think about new ways of contracting. And I’m especially interested in how we can do that at BP, where we’ve been incredibly efficient and successful with supply chains – taking a product out of the ground, shipping it, refining it, manufacturing it and shipping it again.


In terms of collaboration, we’re currently running an innovation challenge on a platform called Colinked, where we’ve put out a challenge for start-ups and scale-ups who are encouraged to showcase their technology in the area of mobility to BP.


Embracing change, every day


BP is a large and successful organisation that sees the facing challenges in a shrinking market. Change has to happen now, and digital will be a huge enabler for those changes. Digital is often thought of as technology, but really it is about a culture and set of behaviours that empower a business to be resilient to change. And I’m glad I’m in a team set up to change things.

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