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‘The Global Energy Challenge’: a multi-part TV series from CNN

Release date:
17 September 2019
BP is sponsoring a new TV series from media giant CNN that explores some of the innovative ways the world is meeting growing demand for energy, while addressing the rise in carbon emissions
India's energy challenges

The new series from the world's number one news organization is its most in-depth look ever at the changing world of energy and the pursuit of zero emissions.


Fronted by CNN’s John Defterios, The Global Energy Challenge travels the world to report back how different countries are orchestrating their own energy transition, showcasing the innovation and the pioneering individuals driving change. 


The first of four 30-minute documentaries to be written and produced by the CNN Editorial Team focuses on India’s critical role in the global energy transition, laying bare some of the key challenges, dependencies and solutions, such as how Indian farmers are using the sun to help water their crops.

Watch the Great Big Story:

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