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Advocacy activities

Our Aim 6 is to more actively advocate for progressive climate policies that support net zero, including carbon pricing. We believe ‎that such policies will be vital for the world to meet the Paris climate goals, and for bp and many other companies like us to fully ‎realize our own net zero ambitions

Here are some examples of our advocacy in support of our Aim 6. This is currently a snapshot of activity in 2021, primarily in the US and Europe. It is not intended to be comprehensive.

We have grouped content by month, starting with the most recent. Within each month the entries are ordered by country or region.

November 2021

bp response to EU Alternative ‎Fuels Infrastructure ‎Regulation (AFIR)

‎bp responds to the EU Commission’s AFIR proposal and ‎welcomes the views on decarbonizing the transport ‎sector. Recommendations to the Commission are ‎provided. This is part of the EU Fit for 55 Package‎.

bp response to EU Renewable ‎Energy Directive ‎‎(RED III)

‎bp welcomes and responds to the EU-proposed target to ‎increase the overall share of renewables to at least 40%, ‎underpinned by sectoral targets. Recommendations to ‎the EU Commission on how to better reach the target are ‎included. This is part of the EU Fit for 55 Package.‎

bp response to EU ReFuelEU Aviation

‎bp welcomes and responds to the EU Commission’s ‎proposal for a sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) blending ‎mandate as a pragmatic tool to ramp up production and ‎consumption of SAF. Recommendations are provided to ‎the EU Commission. This is part of the EU Fit for 55 ‎Package.‎

bp response to FuelEU Maritime – ‎EU Green Maritime ‎Space Initiative

bp welcomes and responds to the FuelEU Maritime ‎proposal to introduce a GHG intensity reduction target ‎for the energy used on ships and encourages more ‎ambition. This is part of the EU Fit for 55 Package.‎

bp America ‎comments in ‎support of the ‎Council for ‎Environmental ‎Quality’s ‎regulations

‎bp America comments in support of the Council for ‎Environmental Quality’s Phase 1 proposed revisions to ‎the National Environmental Policy Act implementing ‎regulations.

October 2021

bp America signs ‎Carbon Capture ‎Coalition letter to ‎US congressional ‎leadership in ‎support of ‎provisions to ‎advance hydrogen ‎production

bp America joined other businesses and eNGOs in signing a ‎letter to US congressional leadership in support of ‎provisions to advance low and zero carbon hydrogen ‎production.‎

bp America ‎comments on ‎Building for the ‎Future Through ‎Electric Regional ‎Transmission ‎Planning and Cost ‎Allocation and ‎Generator ‎Interconnection

bp America comments on Federal Energy Regulatory ‎Commission’s RM21-17-000 transmission advanced ‎notice of proposed rulemaking.‎

bp America signs ‎letter to ‎congressional ‎leadership ‎supporting climate ‎provisions

bp America joined a broad group of businesses supporting ‎climate provisions in the budget reconciliation bill in a letter ‎to congressional leadership.‎

September 2021

bp America ‎methane comments ‎to US ‎Environmental ‎Protection Agency

bp America supplemental comments in advance of EPA’s ‎proposed regulation of methane emissions from existing ‎sources in the oil and gas industry.‎

August 2021

bp America ‎comments on US ‎Environmental ‎Protection Agency ‎proposed methane ‎regulations

bp America white paper on methane detection technology, ‎provided as input in advance of EPA’s proposed regulation ‎of methane emissions from the oil and gas industry (non-‎rulemaking Docket).‎

July 2021

bp contributed to ‎the UK’s Green Jobs ‎Taskforce Report

In a new report, the Green Jobs Taskforce, to which bp ‎contributed, called for government, industry and the ‎education sector to take action to deliver on the promise of ‎a green industrial revolution and net zero.‎

Working with major ‎British business to ‎publish a report on ‎actions for EV ‎adoption across the ‎UK

bp becomes a member of the Electric Vehicle Fleet ‎Accelerator (EVFA). The EVFA outlined a series of actions ‎needed from both industry and government to help ‎accelerate the mass adoption of electric vehicles across the ‎UK.

June 2021

bp response to the revision of EU ‎rules on gas

bp response to the Open Public Consultation on the ‎Hydrogen and Gas Market Decarbonisation Package.

bp comments on the EU Taxonomy ‎article 8

bp comments on the draft delegated act on Article 8 of ‎Regulation (EU) 2020/852 (‘Taxonomy Regulation’)‎.

bp America ‎comments to the ‎Securities and ‎Exchange ‎Commission

bp America comments to the Securities and ‎Exchange Commission on the request for public ‎input on climate disclosures.

bp submission to ‎green paper on ‎transport New ‎Zealand

bp submission to Hīkina te Kohupara – Kia mauri ora ai te ‎iwi, a Green Paper for Consultation on the ‎decarbonization of road transport by the New Zealand ‎government.‎

March 2021

bp supporting SB ‎‎5126 – US ‎Climate ‎Commitment Act

Oral testimony at the Washington State Ways & Means committee ‎supporting the proposed Climate Commitment Act (time 90:00), which ‎included provisions for a cap and invest carbon pricing programme.‎

February 2021

bp response to revision of EU ‎Renewable ‎Energy Directive ‎‎(RED)

bp response to the Consultation on the Review of Directive 2018/2001/EU ‎on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources.‎

January 2021

bp supporting SB ‎‎5126 – US ‎Climate ‎Commitment Act

Oral testimony at the Washington State Senate Environment, Energy & ‎Technology committee supporting the proposed Climate Commitment Act (time ‎‎24:18)‎, which included provisions for a cap and invest carbon ‎pricing programme.‎