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ESG at bp

bp’s purpose is to reimagine energy for people and our planet – and our ambition is to be a net zero company by 2050 or sooner, and to help the world get to net zero. We have set out a strategy – with 2025 targets and 2030 aims – which is underpinned by our sustainability frame, to support the delivery of this ambition
Our sustainability frame governs our wider approach to environmental and social issues and focuses on three areas – getting to net zero, improving people’s lives, and caring for our planet. We have set aims for each focus area: 10 for net zero, 5 for people and 5 for the planet.  
“We believe strong environmental, social and governance performance benefits society, our employees and our shareholders. It creates resilience and enduring value across our activities – from more efficient operations through to unlocking growth opportunities in the energy transition.”

Giulia Chierchia

EVP,  strategy, sustainability & ventures

Our reporting


Our reporting is focused on the material sustainability issues that matter to our stakeholders. We refer to different reporting frameworks and standards to inform our reporting.


You can find details of our reports, policies and positions, ESG data, and frameworks and standards in our reporting centre.

Sustainability report 2021 – photo montage
Aim Measure/coverage 2025 target 2030 aim 2050,
or sooner, aim
1 Net zero operations Scope 1 and 2  20%a 50%a Net zero
2 Net zero production Scope 3  10-15%b 20-30%a Net zero
3 Net zero sales Average lifecycle carbon intensity 5%b 15-20%b Net zero
4 Reducing methane Methane intensity 0.20%d 50 reductiond
5 More $ into transition Transition growth investment $6-8bn $7-9bn  
a Reduction in absolute emissions against 2019 baseline.
b Reduction in the average carbon intensity of sold energy products against the 2019 baseline. The percentage change is calculated from the source data instead of the rounded carbon intensity number.
c Methane intensity is calculated using our existing methodology and, while it reflects progress in reducing methane emissions, will not directly correlate with progress towards delivering the 2025 target under aim 4.
d The 0.20% methane intensity target is based on our measurement approach. The 50% reduction we are aiming for is against a new baseline which we plan to set based on the new measurement approach. Methane intensity is currently calculated using our existing methodology.

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