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Regions, corporates & solutions

Partnering with regions and corporations to provide innovative, integrated ‎and decarbonized energy solutions at scale

Regions, corporates & solutions (RC&S) brings together the best of bp to build enduring relationships ‎with regions and corporations around the world to provide innovative, integrated ‎and decarbonized energy solutions at scale to help the world reach net zero and improve people’s ‎lives


We bring together the best of bp to help regions and corporates in hard-to-abate sectors decarbonize at scale while driving aggregated demand for bp’s transition growth businesses – hydrogen, renewables, bioenergy, EV charging and convenience.

Our focus is on working with customers in sectors that have significant carbon emissions – such as heavy industry and heavy transport – to help them decarbonize. Transition pathways for hard-to-abate sectors is complex and requires integration of existing and emerging technologies, enabling policy and long-term financial commitment in an environment where there is regulatory and technical uncertainty.

At bp, we believe we have the scale and expertise to develop integrated, multi-energy solutions that meet the demands of our customers. We see opportunities in offering decarbonization at scale through bringing together clusters of supply and demand for low carbon energy and fuels, which can offer economies of scale, and a focus for jobs, investment, and innovation.

“By leveraging key relationships and building new partnerships, RC&S set out to provide integrated and innovative energy solutions to help regions and large corporates reduce their carbon emissions while creating exciting business opportunities for bp.”

William Lin, EVP, regions, corporates & solutions

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