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bp’s impact on the UK economy in 2021

 Our impact on the UK economy 2021
The UK has been bp’s home for more than a century. In that time, we‘ve helped provide the country with the energy it needs to run. As one of the UK’s largest businesses, our activities touch large parts of the UK.

In 2021:

  • bp contributed £6.3 billion in gross value-added contributions to UK GDP, equivalent to 0.3% of UK GDP.
  • we supported around 75,000 jobs, directly and indirectly, equivalent to 0.23% of all employment in the UK. Overall London, Scotland and the South-East were the biggest job beneficiaries.
  • bp spent £4.3 billion with more than 10,000 suppliers across the whole of the UK
    • £2.3 billion in operational spend with 7,600 suppliers
    • £2 billion spend with 2,800 suppliers of capital goods
  • we intend to invest up to £18 billion in the UK to 2030 – protecting jobs and spurring economic growth.