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bp pulse is the UK market-leader for public rapid and ultra-fast charging and operates the largest electric vehicle charging network in the UK.

With over 10 years’ experience in the electric vehicle (EV) space, bp pulse is one of the only companies in the UK to build, operate, install and maintain electric charging points. We work alongside EV manufacturers, businesses and local authorities to develop the infrastructure that allows drivers to make the switch to electric.


bp pulse is committed to supporting the UK’s transition to low-carbon transportation at scale. Our goal is to make EV charging faster, more reliable, and more accessible for fleet operators and consumers. Whether we are optimising their home charging or connecting them with the UK’s largest public charging network we are helping electric drivers get from A to B, safely and securely.."Akira Kirton,UK CEO for bp pulse


The development of convenient and innovative EV charging technologies and networks is a key part of bp’s strategy to advance the energy transition. bp pulse is evolving its infrastructure and digital platforms to meet changing customer demands and is providing innovative charging solutions in key locations to support the UK’s electrification journey.

bp pulse has supplied over 60,000 public, workplace and home charging units, and is now rolling out more state-of-the-art 300kW and 150kW ultra-rapid chargers across the country. This innovative technology provides EV drivers with up to 100 miles of range with just 10 minutes of charging – a pivotal advancement for fleet operators and consumers.

The transition is inevitable. By 2040 BP estimates that there will be 12 million EVs being driven in the UK. But to get there we need EV charging infrastructure rolled-out at scale - in the right place, at the right time, at the right speed. bp pulse is delivering this.