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Recommended by Ford

BP is extremely proud to be recommended by one of the biggest carmakers in the world. Ford has been at the forefront of innovation and refinement for over a century – so it’s hardly surprising its cars demand the highest quality fuel to ensure they perform at their best
BP Ultimate rally car with logos

A message from Ford

“We like to think that the engines are one of the very best things about all our cars – whether it’s a fun-but-frugal Ka or hot-hatch icon Focus RS. So, naturally, we’re delighted that BP Ultimate fuels now look after our engines better than ever.

“Modern motors are astonishingly sophisticated, with power, economy and emissions minutely controlled in a delicate balance. With all this clever technology, it’s doubly amazing that our engines are also more reliable than ever.

“So it really doesn’t make sense to put anything in them that will stop them from doing their best. BP Ultimate works in harmony with our engines, keeping vital components clean and protected. That should make us all feel good inside.”