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BP Chargemaster

BP Chargemaster is one of the UK’s leading providers of electric vehicle charging infrastructure and operates Polar, the largest electric vehicle charging network in the UK

Founded in 2008, the company provides a comprehensive, flexible and practical range of electric vehicle charging solutions. BP Chargemaster supplies public, workplace and home charging units in the UK and has supplied over 50,000 charging points across Europe. 

Today, you’ll find 7000 public charging points available on our network; Polar, across the UK. In August 2019 BP Chargemaster powered up its first 150kW ultra-fast electric vehicle (EV) chargers on a BP retail site, the first in a planned network of ultra-fast charging infrastructure stretching across the UK.

At BP Chargemaster, we believe that fast and convenient charging is critical to support the successful adoption of electric vehicles. Combining BP’s and Chargemaster’s complementary expertise, experience and assets is an important step towards offering fast and rapid charging at BP sites and to BP becoming the leading provider of energy to low carbon vehicles, on the road or at home."Tufan Erginbilgic,chief executive, Downstream, BP


The number of EVs on the road is anticipated to increase rapidly in coming decades. By 2040 BP estimates that there will be 12 million EVs on UK roads, up from around 200,000 at the start of 2019. 


The development of convenient and innovative EV charging technologies and networks is a key part of BP’s strategy to advance the energy transition. BP is committed to developing new offers to meet changing customer demand and growing new businesses and supporting opportunities for customers to reduce their emissions. 


BP believes that to accelerate the adoption of EVs, customers will require convenient access to rapid charging. BP’s UK retail network is well positioned to provide this access with over 1,200 service stations across the country. A key priority for BP Chargemaster will be the rollout of rapid charging infrastructure, including 150kW chargers.