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Car and van fleets

Whether your fleet travels across Europe or through one country, BP helps control spending and save time.

BP Plus fuel card for Car and Van Fleets

When your fleet is constantly on the road it’s important to make sure journeys are efficient. With BP, view how your fleet is performing and control operational costs with online tools. Easily and transparently manage your fleet with a single, user-friendly dashboard and reduce the total cost of ownership. 

Administration, payment and control

Manage your fleet more easily and efficiently. Save time and money with our fleet-dedicated online tools.

Online services

BP Online Services

Manage your cards with fast, simple and secure online tools. Easily monitor fuel card transactions and fuel consumption through detailed reports for effective cost control.

BP Target Neutral

Tackle the climate challenge effectively with BP. Easily reduce and offset your carbon footprint.

Card security features

Get 24/7 advanced security - alerts by product and service, station type, day and time and card spend with BP alerts.

BPme App

By using the BPme app, your drivers save time on the road. The smart way of making cashless purchases with excellent transaction security and fraud protection.

BP FleetExpert

Specifically designed for fleet managers. Merge data like fuel card transactions and toll charges from multiple sources across your business in real-time. Analyse fleet trends and performance.

BP FleetMove

Save time and money with real-time data and touchscreen support for drivers, guiding them to the right sites to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Other products and services:

On road services

Customer Service

Resolve your issues quick and easily with tailor-made support models that fit your business needs.

Account manager

Your single point of contact - a dedicated advisor is available to take care of your fleet business needs.

Customer support

Get expert help and professional guidance via phone and e-mail.

BP self-serve portal

24/7 support for convenient day-to-day fleet management. Our online portal makes it easy for you to keep up with fast-changing market challenges.


Get access to the extensive network of strategically located fuel sites.

National network

Gain access to strategically located sites. Ensure your drivers can always find the right filling station en route either to refuel or to enjoy high-quality amenities, groceries and refreshments.

Benefits for drivers

Drivers can access secure parking and a comfortable break, enjoy high-quality amenities, groceries and refreshments, as well as benefit from BPme Rewards.

Site Availability 24/7

Many stations are open 24/7 to offer high-quality groceries or a freshly brewed coffee whenever you need it to keep running your business.

Other products and services:

TOTAL X-acceptance



Vehicle mobility products

Enjoy a choice of better ways to improve your vehicles’ performance.

BP fuels

Trust the experts in fuel technology for over 100 years to fuel your fleet.  

BP Fuel & Charge

Enjoy the convenience of a single contract covering all your fuel and alternative energy needs for electric vehicles, allowing you more time for your business.

High-quality vehicle products

Take advantage of a full range of high-quality lubricants from Castrol and AdBlue for your diesel vehicles.

International network

Access a convenient network of 22,000 + sites in 29 European countries with one international BP + Aral Fuel Card.