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Card security features

Enjoy complete peace of mind with BP's 24/7 advanced security

  • Benefit from 25 years of card security expertise based on understanding our clients' needs
  • Set alerts by product and service, station type, card spend and more with BP Alerts
  • Set and receive instant emails or SMS alerts of fraudulent activity
  • Change and set individual driver codes and PINs
  • Instantly block and report stolen cards 24/7

Feel safe with security from BP

Advanced features

Significantly reduce the time you spend on dealing with unauthorised card use. Set SMS and email alerts, choose from different PIN models. Take advantage of 100% online authorisation for all transactions and our dedicated fraud team.




Helpful tools

The various tools available in our Online Services help you to decrease the time spent on managing fleet costs and security issues




Decide what's best

Maintain full visibility of your fleet. Set alerts to help manage what products and services your drivers use and even the type of station.




Fraud protection system

100% online authorisation in all fuels transactions


Our comprehensive fraud protection system vigilantly protects your business from unauthorised card use with 100% online authorisation in all fuels transactions and a dedicated expert team.