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BP FleetExpert

Your advanced fleet management software

Making complex tasks simpler to save you valuable time

Meet the latest in fleet management software: BP FleetExpert. Analyse costs through a single dashboard.


By listening carefully to your feedback and tailoring functionalities to your requirements, we’ve developed fleet management software designed to meet the needs of your fleet, no matter what size it is. BP FleetExpert gives you super-fast insight into fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, and more. Gain knowledge and make decisions about your fleet’s efficiencies with the help of technical data – essentials for comprehensive fleet management.

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Why BP FleetExpert?

Check out what benefits Fleet Expert can offer your company:

  • Saves you considerable time by making management tasks simpler
  • Keeps you informed with real-time updates of transactions and fuel card details
  •  Helps you make the right choices faster by providing detailed and accurate reports
  •  Gives you flexibility by allowing you to create reports the way that suits you


Easy-to-use software for integrated analysis

BP FleetExpert provides the convenient benefits and useful options you need to help optimise your fleet management. For a complete overview click on the tabs below.

Complete control
  • Benefit from insight into your total cost of fleet ownership. BP FleetExpert integrates all costs in one handy tool accessible through a single, user-friendly dashboard. Fuel consumption is combined with accident repairs, leases, telephone bills, tolls and other costs
  • Get the information that’s important to you. Different types of fleets can use the mixed information fields and reports developed by BP FleetExpert. Easily switch off data feeds that aren't necessary for your business
  • Creating reports is simple thanks to BP FleetExpert flexibility. Use the drag and drop function to group your data and make reports the way that you like them
Ease of use
  • Online updates. Automatically receive notification of available updates, new versions and functionalities. Install these updates whenever you want
  • New structure for user rights. Set users and user groups, each with their own rights to access specific data
  • Automatic database setup. With the handy wizard from BP FleetExpert, create new databases in a few steps, without having to copy files or go through complicated setups
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface. Groups, filters and column headers can be built with the drag and drop feature. Data can be exported to Excel, PDF or one of more than 20 other file formats
  • Flexible structure. Screens and information can be made specifically to connect to a user or company department. Certain data can be retained or deleted as required
Online services (OLS)
  • Automatically download data. You receive data downloads as soon as a transaction takes place since the system automatically synchronizes with the account data. The status of every fuel transaction is always up to date
  • Fuel card management. All functions are integrated in BP FleetExpert to easily manage your fuel cards. Request, cancel or block new cards
  • Easy management of cost centers. Ensure that the right costs are allocated to the correct vehicle or department for financial administration
  • Management of different profiles. Link fuel cards to different spending profiles, so you are alerted when drivers purchase anything against your company policy
Data and systems integration
  • Transactions from different sources are processed and integrated in one overview
  • FleetExpert offers a comprehensive summary of all data from drivers and vehicles including master files, transactions and linked tables
  • Planning, maintenance, repairs, damages, and other costs are all transparent. Be well prepared and quickly make the right choices for your fleet
  • All relevant contacts, such as customers, insurance and garages, are kept in the program
  • Make reporting even more powerful with fully integrated FleetMove telematics data. Actual fuel data and other vehicle data is combined with driver behaviour
  • Standard reports. BP FleetExpert offers a range of standard reports that you can choose from: Transactions, Vehicles, Drivers, Costs, Repairs, Fuel Card Purchases, Fuel Volume, Fuel Consumption and much more
  • Custom reports. Compile reports entirely according to your business specifics by combining relevant variables. If you need help with preparing your customised report, our Fleet Management consultants will be happy to help you
  • Consumption matrix. The most advanced report on fuel consumption. Users can view the matrix from a bird's eye view down to the smallest detail. The consumption matrix uses a statistical method called Automatic Data Corrections taking into account a large number of variables ensuring data is always meaningful
  • Financial analysis. BP FleetExpert offers financial analysis of fuel consumption, maintenance, reports, taxes, insurance, telephone bills and other costs. This helps create a complete overview of expenses
System requirements
  • Windows Vista, 7, 8
  • Dual core processor
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 500 MB free space on hard disk (for customer)
  • Internet connection