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BP Fuel & Charge App: new app enhancements heighten security and convenience on the app

In addition to the previous functions, the new version of the BP Fuel & Charge app increases user-friendliness and supports you in setting up your account securely. If you have activated the automatic update, there’s no need to do anything else to receive the update. For those who haven’t yet downloaded the app, the updated version is available for download in both the AppStore for Apple devices and the Google Play store for Android.

New update enhancements  

Automatic market classification

When you register, the app automatically recognises which country you are in based on your Aral Fuel & Charge card and activates the market-specific features - such as the language and appropriate settings for the charging infrastructure.



Instant overview

In map mode, you can now always see how many charging points are in your immediate vicinity. The corresponding number is updated in your position marker in real time.


Filter charging speed

In this new filter function, you can specify exactly how many kilowatts of charging power your next charging point should have. This way, you always keep track of the duration and cost of your next stop.


Password evaluation

After you have entered your password, the app evaluates the strength of your password and gives you advice on how to make your password as secure as possible.

The main functions of the BP Fuel & Charge app:

Easy to find charging points

Here you can find charging points including opening hours and availability - in real time.



Specific to your vehicle

Simply select your vehicle from a predefined list of electric and plug-in models on the market. This way, the app will only show you the charging stations that are suitable for your vehicle type.


Route mapping

Let your preferred route planner guide you to your destination - provided the app is installed on your smartphone.


Cost comparison

Also keep an eye on costs with the BP Fuel & Charge app. You can use it to check and compare the charging costs at the respective charging points.


Satellite view

The satellite view can help with navigation. For example, you can use it to better assess the parking situation at your destination, orient yourself to prominent buildings or immediately spot bottlenecks and obstacles.