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The Future of Fleet Report

Future-proofing your fleet

To mark the launch of our Fuel and Charge card and app, bp partnered with the Electric Vehicle Centre of Excellence at Cardiff University to help fleets prepare for the future.


Featuring insights from bp pulse, bp Fleet Solutions, and UK fleet managers, our report explores the challenges currently being faced when it comes to the adoption of EVs, and what decision makers feel will be the biggest challenges for their fleet in the coming months and years.

Concerns about switching to EV?

bp Fleet Solutions can help

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Our research found that 52% of UK fleet decision makers have electric vehicles in their fleet, but of those who don’t, 27% feel they would not be able to afford the up-front cost.


Advancements in fuel technology, a wider range of electric vehicles, and new and changing emission legislation all mean more choices for your fleet than ever before.


Our Fuel and Charge card and app allows a seamless one-card solution for traditional fuel and electric vehicles in your fleet.


Our complete service keeps your fleet on the move, and however your fleet operates, we can help you meet emission legislation and
access emerging fuels where you need them.


25% of fleet decision makers stated a concern that EV models do not do enough miles in one charge, and 24% said they do not have the time to charge while on the road.


With over 10 years’ experience in the electric vehicle (EV) space, bp pulse is one of the only companies in the UK to build, operate, install and maintain electric charging points. We work alongside EV manufacturers, businesses and local authorities to develop the infrastructure to inspire drivers to make the switch to electric.


Today, you’ll find 7,000 public charging points available across the UK, and bp’s ambition is to increase this to 16,000 by 2030. bp pulse has also been powering up 150kW ultra-fast electric vehicle (EV) chargers since 2019, with a further 1,400 planned to be added to the bp pulse network by 2030.


Our Fuel and Charge app also makes it easy to find charging points on the go: by entering your vehicle model, it directs you to a nearby and compatible charging station.  

Driver suitability

24% of fleet decision makers worried that their drivers do not have homes suitable for the installation of charging points.


BP helps with managing EV installations for businesses, and drivers at home and at the workplace. Enjoy a broad offer of British owned and made units that are installed and supported with bp pulse services, including:

OneCharge – a wall mounted, neat and simple charger

Fastcharger – Compact and flexible to be positioned exactly where you need it

Powercharge – Slim, and easy to install

Ultracharge – next generation rapid charging – perfect for a fast charge


The Fuel & Charge offer has the right solutions wherever you are. With an on the road network, an ever-increasing amount of high-speed charging points in the UK, and home installation options, your drivers don’t have to worry where to charge next.