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Charging on the go, simplified

With a brand-new update, we have once again expanded the BP Fuel and Charge app, to make charging on the go simpler, and the app more convenient to use.
If you already have the latest version of the BP Fuel & Charge app on your mobile phone, you should already have access to the brand-new features.
Don’t yet use the app? Try it out - available for download from the App Store and Google Play.  

The update in detail:

My vehicle:

Drivers no longer need to choose the charging connector type for their vehicle, as now they can simply select their own vehicle model from a provided list of battery-electric and plug-in hybrid electric models available.
The app then helps them easily find a suitable charging point for the vehicle.

Navigation – Choose from installed third-party navigation apps

Once drivers have selected the charging station, they can now choose from the navigation apps already installed on their smartphone, so they can use their preferred provider as well as specialised EV route planners.  

Switch map type to satellite view

Switching the map type to satellite view makes it a breeze to find a charging station. The bird’s eye view facilitates orientation and enables you to easily spot landmarks, parking facilities, and potential barriers in the area.

Further optimized features

The registration process has also been further simplified and keeping an eye on costs with the BP Fuel and Charge app is effortless via the electronic assistant, which means you can check charging costs at respective charge points. And for when time is of the essence, a filter that only shows rapid charging or ultra-fast charge points helps you to find the right charging station.  

Don't have the app? Download on App Store or Google Play