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On the safe side with fuel cards from bp

The statistics are clear: especially during the holiday season, professional fraudsters also take a break and organised crime strikes less frequently. But whether it’s holiday time or the peak season for fuel card fraudsters - you can always rely on the bp’s security systems.

Because the temptation is often great. If the private car is also refuelled or the reserve canister is also filled, this is hardly noticeable, especially in commercial vehicle fleets with high tank volumes.

Does the transaction match normal refuelling behaviour?

To effectively detect fraud, bp relies on a multi-level system. This has halved the damage caused by fuel card fraud and has kept it far below the industry average for years. The first level consists of clever algorithms that check each refuelling transaction to see if it matches previous refuelling behaviour. Unusual spikes are thus detected immediately.


International market in view and networked with Interpol

By the way, we do not only keep an eye on the English market, but are also aware of international developments through our contact with Europol. After all, a large part of the fraud attempts originate in France. A list of dubious vehicle number plates also helps to routinely expose organised crime.




In addition, you too can contribute to safe use of the cards

The card itself also meets the highest security standards. A hologram on each card and an online authorisation of all fuel transactions: in addition to these two elements, the personal identification number (PIN) is one of the most important security features of fuel cards.




Assign your own PIN

With us you can assign your PIN of choice yourself. Your desired PIN can be managed and changed online via the customer centre. The menu item “PIN administration” clearly lists all fuel cards including driver's name and vehicle number plate.

Here you can select one or more cards and enter your desired PIN for each card, set SMS and email alerts as well as choose from different PIN models. Take advantage of 100% online authorisation for all transactions and our dedicated fraud team.

This is why a sophisticated security system that not only detects petty crimes but also has something to counteract organised fraud is so important.