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BP Online Services for fleet management

Our online management services make your job easier

With our online services you can manage your BP fuel cards 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You have direct access via your personal account and you can easily order, replace or block fuel cards online. Effectively control fuel card use by setting alerts and easily download all your invoices. With our online services you have total control at your fingertips.

Constant fleet management thanks to bp online fuel expenditure management services
Constant fleet management thanks to bp online fuel expenditure management services

Overview of fleet expenses

Directly access and download your BP invoices online. Get insight into transactions that are due to be invoiced. Transactions are online within 48 hours, so you always have an up-to-date overview.

Total control at your fingertips 24/7

Log in to your personal account with your own username and password, and access a number of useful online services. Manage your BP fuel cards quickly and easily. At any time of the day you can:


  • View and download a list of all your active and inactive fuel cards
  • Order new fuel cards
  • Replace existing fuel cards
  • Block lost or stolen fuel cards
  • Set up card for use with BPme
Constant fleet management thanks to bp online fuel expenditure management services

Better cost control

Manage card use with your personal online management account and BP Alerts. Set alerts to show what products and services your drivers use such as specific fuels, services, stations and more.


With Card Controller stay on top of mileage and set spending alerts to save costs. Maintain control on which fuel stations your cards are being used at. BP Card Controller informs and advises you immediately by e-mail or text message if certain limits are exceeded.


Be in control of how, when and where your fuel cards are used.



Up-to-date information

FleetReporter is a handy menu within BP Online Management which gives you insight into the purchasing behaviour of your drivers. You have direct online access to your fuel card transactions, 24/7. Quickly download reports on fuel volume and use, day and time of transactions, distance travelled and cost centres, as well as discover unusual fuel spending. Instantly counteract misuse in Card Controller by setting alerts. FleetReporter helps you run your business with less time spent on administration.



Choose from various security PIN types

Use a PIN model that suits your business the most:

  • Random PIN, set by an automated generator
  • Wish PIN chosen and set by you in the Online Services (OLS)
  • Company PIN, set in the OLS for all fuel cards
  • Driver code with PIN, the individual combination of a 4-digit driver code and PIN, set in the OLS