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bp Ultimate fuels with ACTIVE technology

Our advanced performance fuels, bp Ultimate with ACTIVE technology, help keep vehicles performing at their best and running smoothly and efficiently. With ongoing use, they help reduce the risk of unscheduled maintenance, keeping vehicles on the road.


Your drivers can buy bp Ultimate as easily as our regular fuel with bp fuel cards.

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More than 100 years of experience

Keep your fleet on the move with BP

With over 100 years in fuels research our dedicated team of expert scientists and engineers deeply understand the interactions between fuels and vehicle technology as both continue to evolve. This enables us to develop and test fuels that complement and benefit both the latest engine technologies and older vehicles too.  Our innovative fuels are tailored for each market and are typically several years in development, having been subjected to many different test methods and rigorously tested in engines and vehicles.

We offer a range of quality regular and advanced performance premium fuels, so our customers have a choice. Our premium fuels – bp Ultimate Unleaded and bp Ultimate Diesel - contain ACTIVE technology, our advanced, innovative engine cleaning formula which is specially designed to remove harmful engine dirt and protect against its build up. bp Ultimate fuels with ACTIVE technology are specially formulated to deliver a range of benefits - with ongoing use they help:

  • improve vehicle efficiency, taking you further between fill-ups*
  • reduce the risk of unplanned maintenance and break downs**
  • deliver a smooth driving experience**
  • engines perform at their best**

At bp we have robust quality assurance policies and procedures in place with fuel quality monitored throughout the distribution system, which are designed to make sure that high quality is delivered at the point you fill up your vehicle. All bp fuels fully meet the relevant British Standards (BS EN 590 for diesel fuel and BS EN 228 for unleaded petrol), and are suitable for all vehicles, both older models and the latest ones.†


* For Ultimate Diesel based on engines tested in dirty vs. cleaned condition and for Ultimate Unleaded vs RON95. Benefits vary based on what and how you drive.
** Benefits achieved over time and may vary based on what and how you drive.
† Suitable for vehicles that can run on fuels meeting current Standards.