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Our best ever BP fuels with ACTIVE technology

Our advanced fuels with ACTIVE technology help cars run more smoothly and efficiently and help keep them performing at their best. In the UK, for example, our Ultimate fuels with ACTIVE technology offer drivers up to 21 more miles per tank.*


Your drivers can buy them as easily as regular fuel with BP fuel cards.


* Benefits achieved over time and may vary due to factors including vehicle type, condition and driving style.

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BP Ultimate with ACTIVE technology

100 years of experience

Keep your fleet on the move with BP

BP has over 100 years’ experience in servicing the needs of industry and we have a long history of conducting in-house performance testing in support of the development of our fuels and lubricants.


All our fuels fully meet the relevant British Standards (BS EN 590 for diesel fuel and BS EN 228 for unleaded petrol), and provided you use fuel that meets the specification stated by the manufacturer, BP fuels are suitable for your vehicle.  Plus we have robust quality assurance policies and procedures in place, with fuel quality monitored throughout the distribution system to make sure that high quality is maintained at the point you fill up your vehicle. We offer a range of quality regular and premium fuels in the UK so that our customers have a choice.  Our premium fuels – BP Ultimate Unleaded and BP Ultimate Diesel – now contain ACTIVE technology, our most advanced, innovative engine cleaning formula.  Our best ever fuel for cleaning engines, BP Ultimate offers a range of benefits, including helping to reduce the risk of unscheduled maintenance. *


*Benefits may vary due to factors including vehicle type, condition and driving style.