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bp car wash

Paintwork looks solid enough – but without regular cleaning, damage can happen quite quickly - your car’s finish can be surprisingly vulnerable to dirt, salt and bird droppings. So we offer the easy-to-use bp car wash at many of our petrol stations
BP Car Wash - buy 3 Super car washes, get the 4th free

Simple, quick and effective

Automatic machine washing is an economical, hassle-free way to keep your car in tiptop condition. Our brushes are carefully calibrated to provide a deep, effective clean while also being gentle on paintwork.


To keep things simple, there are just two programmes to choose from:

  • Premium wash
  • Basic wash


Prefer to wash your car yourself? No problem. Many of our stations offer jet wash machines



Don’t forget the inside

Compliment your car’s shiny new exterior with a fresh vacuum. A bp vacuum will remove all the crumbs, dirt and detritus that always seems to gather – leaving the inside of your vehicle as fresh and clean as the outside


Disclaimer: bp is not liable for any damage caused by failure to comply with these instructions. Failure to comply may result in bp seeking damages for any loss arising