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BP Marine

BP Marine is one of the world's leading suppliers of fuels, lubricants and technical services to the global marine industry
Ship docked

BP Marine has a global presence, supplying some of the largest shipping companies in the world with high quality fuels, technologically advanced lubricants and a wide range of services. Committed to safety and the environment, BP Marine can supply lower sulphur fuels, biodegradable lubricants and trading solutions. It is also currently rolling out a programme of upgrading infrastructure at its existing ports, further underlining its long term commitment to the maritime industry.


Who we are

Marine fuels is a large and complex global industry and BP Marine is one of the world’s foremost suppliers.


At BP Marine, our promise to our customers is a simple one: to constantly deliver quality products with outstanding levels of service throughout our network of strategically based ports. We are continuously improving our execution on the essentials that your operation depends upon. Our team of account managers are dedicated marine professionals, committed to building sustainable long-term partnerships. With a team of experts on hand with the knowledge and expertise to understand your needs, and the needs of your business, you can rely on our people; the People with Energy.


What we do

Through our continuous investment in infrastructure, upgrading of existing supply locations, investment in new key bunker fuel ports, and the extensive use of double-hulled barges, we will ensure that we meet your needs – today and in the future. We will deliver real solutions to your energy requirements, leveraging our exceptional supply and trading capabilities to create tangible benefits for our customers. In short, our goal is to be your preferred supplier in the bunker industry.


Where we operate

BP Marine is one of the most foremost suppliers of energy to shipping operators around the world. We have almost 100 years of experience in supplying marine bunker fuels.