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Castrol NZ

bp is the leading supplier of lubricants to many areas of New Zealand industry
Pouring Castrol oil

bp and Castrol branded products make up a third of all lubricants used in New Zealand, covering everything from engine oils and brake fluids for passenger cars, to motorcycle and lawn mower oils, heavy duty lubricants for trucks, earthmovers and diggers, and product for marine and other industrial applications.


We recognise that security of supply and minimising downtime are integral to any business. Our lubricant supply and distribution network in New Zealand is exceptionally strong and reliable, providing you with a high level of supply assurance.


Castrol is the world leader in lubricants technology and is the perfect partner to any vehicle using bp Ultimate.


You can call the bp Lubricants and Technical Helpline anytime on 09 623 9451 to have any technical questions answered, to seek a recommendation on the right product, or to request Technical Data Sheets and Material Safety Sheets.