New Zealand

Projects to challenge you. People to inspire you. Experience to develop you. BP offers everything you need in a rewarding career

Since 1946, BP has been a leading energy retailer in New Zealand, continuously developing and leveraging innovation, leadership and technology.

We invest heavily in our communities and maintain a sustained level of investment in assets and infrastructure within New Zealand. We maintain very strong partnerships and have the ability to leverage the benefits of a global parent whilst remaining a local New Zealand organisation.

Today we operate over 90 BP Connect stores and growing with Wild Bean Cafes across New Zealand. We have more than 112 BP branded independent retailers, a national network of distributor partners and a fully integrated supply chain including a national network of logistics and truckstops.

Our wider operations are complemented by a leading Castrol lubricant business and an aviation (Air BP) business. Throughout our wider operations, around 3,500 New Zealanders are employed and most of our retail sites are owned and operated by local business people.

The key to our success is our people, our customers, our communities. Our licence to operate is only guaranteed by the support of the communities in which we operate. 

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