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bp Egypt Cambridge scholarship

Master’s degree scholarship for the academic year 2024/2025 at the University of Cambridge

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)


Who covers the costs of the scholarships? 


bp Egypt and the Cambridge Commonwealth, European and International Trust cover all the scholarship costs. 


How many scholarships are offered? 


A number of bp Cambridge Scholarships for Egypt are offered annually to pursue one-year Master’s degree programmes. 

What are the requirements/processes to get the scholarship?


1. Applicants must show evidence of excellent academic achievement. They should have a first class or high second-class honors degree, or its equivalent, from a recognized university, supported by certificates of graduation and letters of recommendations from Professors at their current or previous University. 

2.  Applicants must gain admission to the University of Cambridge in the normal way to be considered for these awards. The Trust cannot admit students to the University. 
3.  Applicants who are not native speakers of English are required by the University to provide the results of an English language test and to meet the minimum standard of proficiency required for admission to Cambridge.  

4. Decisions on awards will be taken during the summer months (June to August) prior to the October date that the candidate intends to start their studies. A shortlist of eligible candidates will be drawn up and bp Egypt will interview these candidates in Egypt and select the bp Cambridge Scholars from those interviewed. 

5. Successful candidates must sign with bp Egypt, before their departure to Cambridge, an enrolment agreement whereby they will agree to return back, domicile and work in Egypt after their graduation from the University of Cambridge for double the period they studied at the University of Cambridge. 

6.  bp holds the right to apply exceptions to the above conditions as the company sees appropriate.  


What is the value of the scholarship? 


University composition fee 

The scholarship will cover the University Composition Fee at the appropriate rate.



A maintenance allowance enough for a single student is paid in three or four equal installments each term (October, January, April and July). For the academic year 2023-2024, the maintenance allowance is currently £18,622  for twelve months, and is pro-rated for courses shorter than 12 months. The maintenance allowance is expected to cover accommodation and meal costs. 


The award does not cover the costs of dependents. Students are required to provide a separate financial guarantee for support of their dependents if they want to take any dependents with them.


 You can find out the level of guarantee required for dependents by using the  financial commitment calculator.


A contribution to an airfare from Egypt to the UK of about £300 is paid upon arrival, and a contribution towards the cost of an airfare from the UK to Egypt via the most economical route is paid upon departure at the end of the scholarship


How do I apply for the scholarships and admission to Cambridge? 


All applicants should complete and submit an online application through the Applicant Portal to the University’s Graduate Admissions Office by the specific course deadline. Applicants who wish to be considered for funding by the Cambridge Trust should complete the funding section of the graduate online application (via the Applicant Portal).


There is a charge of £50  for completing an online application.

What is the deadline for submitting the application forms? 


Applicants from Egypt
Postgraduate course for which you are applying There will be two general course deadlines, 5 December 2023 and 4 January 2024.
One-year course

When do the scholarships start? 


One-year post-graduate courses start only in October of the relevant academic year.


Further information 

How to get to Cambridge

Arriving at Cambridge

Most students will arrive at the bus station (which is centrally-located) or the train station (which is about ten minutes walk from the centre of town).


Your first point of contact upon arrival in Cambridge will be your College, who should have already sent you some information about your accommodation and the things you will need to do upon arrival in Cambridge.


Opening a bank account


To receive your maintenance payments from the Trust, you will need to open a bank account with a UK bank. There are many banks in Cambridge to choose from, and to open an account you will need to take the following documents to a bank:


  • Passport as proof of identity
  • Scholarship offer letter as proof of the award you have been given
  • An official document from your College, as their address will be used as your permanent address
  • Confirmation of admission to the University of Cambridge


General information and help


Please note that the Trust deals only with matters relating to your scholarship.  For all other non-scholarship related enquiries, please contact your College.


For further queries, please contact:


Cambridge Commonwealth, European & International Trust

Student Services Centre, Bene’t Street, Cambridge, CB2 3PT, United Kingdom

Telephone: 01223 338498 (external); 38498 (internal)

Email: ambridge.trust@admin.cam.ac.uk



When contacting the Trust team, we ask that you do so initially via e-mail.  We will deal with your enquiry as quickly as possible, and respond via the most appropriate method, whether via e-mail or by arranging a call via Microsoft Teams or Zoom.