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Intern and co-op programs

We offer paid one-year co-op opportunities or 12-week structured internships

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Internship programs

Our internship programs are a chance to start learning and growing with us as you work on some of the most exciting and technically-challenging projects our industry has to offer.  


We offer paid one-year co-op opportunities or 12-week structured internships. In engineering, you could work on projects to develop pipelines and help create innovations that harness alternative energy.


In science, you might be involved in exploring for new reserves or developing cleaner fuels. Or in business, you could gain broad exposure to a variety of functions – and crucial business decisions.

Rewards and benefits

  • A highly competitive salary and allowances
  • Corporate housing available at all internship locations, paid for in full by bp.
  • Relocation assistance provided for students moving more than 50 miles for an internship position.
  • bp employee savings plan
  • Non-contributory bp retirement accumulation plan
  • Personal development and training
  • The chance to get involved in a wide-range of social activities.


Smiling student using a tablet computer --- Image by © Wavebreak Media Ltd/Veer/Corbis
  • Specific requirements vary across business areas and disciplines
  • Strong academic background
  • Relevant bachelor's and/or master’s degree

Application process

View our application process so that you know what to expect at each step

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