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2Q results 2021 – performing while transforming

Release date:
3 August 2021
Strong results, growing dividend, executing buybacks. We continue to perform while transforming bp – generating value for our shareholders today while we transition the company for the future

“We are a year into executing bp’s strategy to become an integrated energy company and are making good progress – delivering another quarter of strong performance while investing for the future in a disciplined way.”
Bernard Looney

Bernard Looney, chief executive officer

“Our success depends on hydrocarbons from our oil, gas and refining assets – they are the engine that delivers cash for our investors and investment in our new businesses.” 
Gordon Birrell

Gordon Birrell, EVP of production & operations

“We’re building real momentum towards the aims we set out in our strategy. Our 2Q performance demonstrates how our businesses deliver performance today while building future growth –  performing while transforming.”
Emma Delany

Emma Delaney, EVP of customers & products

“We have had continued strong operational and strategic delivery in this quarter – a tremendous performance from all our teams. We continue to build our gas businesses – with growth in key regions and the build-out of our integrated gas and power business, while we have more than doubled our net renewables pipeline to 21GW.”
Dev Sanyal

Dev Sanyal, EVP of gas & low carbon energy

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