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Industry statement on ultra-rapid charging

We believe that the key to greater EV adoption lies in the provision of more convenient charging for both consumers and businesses.That means charging stations in the right locations and faster recharging times. In other words, a top-up of 100 miles in 10 minutes or less, or what we call ultra-fast charging (UFC).


We are pleased to share an industry joint commitment statement below.


The UK Government, through its Industrial Strategy and Road to Zero Strategy, laid down a mission to put the UK at the forefront of the design and manufacturing of zero emission vehicles. The aspiration is for all new cars and vans to be effectively zero emission by 2040. The benefits of cleaner road transport include improved air quality, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and new economic opportunities for the UK. It is likely that a combination of vehicle efficiency, hybridisation, electrification and other technologies including biofuels and hydrogen may provide a compelling low-carbon transport offer for consumers.


As an industry group, we are working jointly to develop infrastructure solutions to help facilitate a smooth and efficient consumer transition for those who wish to purchase electric vehicles. In the UK, around 38% of consumers considering a new car purchase would think about buying an electric car, yet only around 2% of new car sales are currently ultra-low emission. More than a third of households in England do not have access to off-street parking for at home charging, and this proportion increases in urban areas1. Concerns about range and queuing anxiety as well as the charging experience are holding individuals and businesses back from purchasing electric vehicles and adapting their business models.


An ultra-rapid charging network would be one of the most convenient and cost-efficient solutions to overcoming consumer concerns. Spanning the strategic road network, city forecourts and fleet hubs, ultra-rapid chargers2 would provide drivers with the ability to make out of pattern and long distance journeys and to charge their vehicle in less than 10 minutes. This would complement home, workplace and destination charging (such as at retail sites and leisure facilities) and provide a solution for those unable to charge at home, drivers on the move, and fleet and bus operators looking to maximise vehicle utilisation.


We welcome the continued support that the government is providing on ultra-rapid charging technologies[1]. Focused innovation support and demonstrators across the value chain, including battery technologies, vehicles, charging and power supply are now essential to ensure that the projections for electric vehicle uptake can be met. We ask that government works with us to set out a vision to significantly improve ultra-fast charging technology and ultra-rapid charging infrastructure. This should enable consumer acceptance, equality of access to consumers across the UK and efficient delivery of the enabling utility infrastructure. The UK will only achieve large scale uptake of electric vehicles if there is a widespread network of vehicle charging points, which are easily accessible, and can charge a vehicle at a speed appropriate to the time spent at a given location. As an industry group, we are committed to playing our part in facilitating the transition to zero emission transport, and to working with Government to help deliver the confidence needed to shape the market.

1 “Road to Zero”, HM Government and Industrial Strategy (July 2017). Available  here
2 Charging at above 150kW and up to 350kW
[1] “Road to Zero” – see footnote 1.