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Net zero by 2050

We’ve set ambitious aims to reduce emissions, scale up renewables and invest more in low carbon. We’ll report back here with progress on our #bpNetZero journey

bp joins forces with Volkswagen Group

How will an alliance with global mobility giant VW boost EV ownership? bp’s EVP of customers & products, Emma Delaney, looks at the charge ahead

Follow our progress to net zero


12 February 2020: bp announces net zero ambition. CEO Bernard Looney says: “We have to change. And we want to change  ̶  this is the right thing for the world and for bp.”

26 February 2020: Underpinning bp's ambition is a drive to increase transparency. That work sees bp announce that it will leave three US-based trade associations following an in-depth review. 

9 July 2020: bp turns up the dial on our net zero ambition with a trio of low carbon energy investments in two of the world’s fast-growing renewable energy markets

4 August 2020: bp announces our new strategy that will see us transform. Major steps to take include large-scale reduction of our operational and upstream-related emissions, increased investment in renewables and a scaling back of hydrocarbons production. 

10 September 2020: bp makes its first move into offshore wind with the announcement of a new strategic partnership with Equinor to develop major assets with the potential to power more than 2 million homes in US. Equinor is a leader in the offshore wind sector, which is growing at around 20% a year globally and recognized as being a key part of the world’s need to limit emissions.



Net zero ambition in action

How we aim to be a very different company by 2030 and some of the projects we are undertaking on our net zero journey

Making EVs more accessible
The road to net zero
Net Zero Teesside

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William Lin, regions, cities and solutions, comments on bp’s new partnership with Microsoft and how this supports our aim to work with cities, key industries and major corporates to help them develop their decarbonization plans

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