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People and planet

A sustainable approach to business is inherent in our purpose. This month, we find out how Lightsource bp is helping to boost biodiversity at its global solar sites

Call of the wild

Lightsource bp solar farms are showing that they can do more than just provide cleaner sources of electricity  ̶  they’re also potential havens for wildlife and enhancing biodiversity

Follow our steps in sustainability

March 2020: Since the coronavirus outbreak first took hold, bp has supported many community response efforts, including providing free fuel and food to emergency responders in the UK and US.

April 2020: bp makes one of its largest-ever donations to leading mental health charity Mind, which saw a surge in demand for its online advice following the coronavirus outbreak. bp CEO Bernard said: “Stress, fear, anxiety, isolation. This is a mental health crisis as well.”

June 2020: bp says it won’t undertake new oil and gas exploration or production activities within natural, cultural or mixed UNESCO World Heritage sites. The pledge is part of a new biodiversity position paper with the aim to have positive impact at its heart. 

June 2020: bp launches our updated human rights policy with a focus on modern slavery and the rights of vulnerable groups.  

September 2020: Linking our strategy to our purpose, bp’s new sustainability frame is launched with three focus areas: to get to net zero, improve people’s lives and care for our planet.

Energy with purpose

We want to help the world reach net zero and improve people’s lives. Watch these films to find out more 

A call to action
Buzzing for bees
Carbon neutral to the CORE

Comment and analysis

Stay informed with what our leaders have to say about all the latest hot topics

Find out more

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