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Performing while transforming

As we reinvent bp for a lower carbon future, we remain committed to delivering for the millions of people who depend on us  ̶  our customers, partners, suppliers, employees and investors. And the cities and countries we work with
3Q results 2020

Asia’s deepest gas project starts production

Second in a trio of deepwater gas projects in partnership with Reliance that are expected to help meet India’s rapidly expanding energy needs

Progress on our projects


12 October 2020: bp begins production from the Ghazeer field in the Omani desert ahead of schedule. Featuring low-emissions technology built in from the start, the project delivers critical national infrastructure for Oman and exemplifies what a resilient and focused hydrocarbons business looks like.

26 November 2020: Vorlich, a subsea tie-back that’s part of bp’s programme to develop satellite fields through existing hubs, comes online. The North Sea development is expected to produce 20,000 barrels of oil equivalent a day.

18 December 2020: R Cluster – the first in the trio of KG D6 deepwater gas projects in partnership with Reliance – comes online. The R Cluster field is expected to produce 12.9 million cubic metres a day and, along with Satellite Cluster, which comes online in April 2021, and MJ, to meet approximately 15% of India’s gas demand by 2023.

31 December 2020: Europe’s energy supplies receive a much-needed boost as one of the world’s most complex energy projects begins full operations. The newly completed Southern Gas Corridor (SGC) pipeline system, spanning seven countries, is now transporting natural gas from beneath the Caspian Sea offshore Azerbaijan to European customers thousands of miles away.



26 April 2021: bp announces production from Raven, the third phase of its $9 billion West Nile Delta (WND) development in Egypt. At its peak, Raven has the potential to produce 900 million MMscf/d and 30,000 barrels per day of condensate (bbl/d).

Demonstrating delivery

From resilient hydrocarbons in action to boosting our renewables business, watch these films to see how we’re delivering more energy with fewer emissions

First gas from Ghazeer
Resilient hydrocarbons: the facility of the future
Lightsource bp: project construction 2020 highlights

Comment and analysis

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