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Wild Bean Cafe NZ wows with vegan pie

Release date:
17 September 2018
The launch of a new vegan pie makes global news, thanks to its missing ingredients
Wild Bean Cafe NZ's sensational satay vegan pie

The Romans used them as a food delivery mechanism, Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus baked two characters into one, and a single slice once sold for £1,000. The humble pie has quite a history, and now BP New Zealand is inventing the future with its new satay vegan version. In a country where pies aren’t just a snack, they are an institution, BP’s veggie option has generated a social media storm. 


The vegan pie, available from BP’s Wild Bean Cafes nationwide, has prompted more than 1,000 users to comment on the new product on Facebook. 

Positive pie posts include:

Myself and my son tried these today. The 10/10 review I read on this pie was more than accurate. You cannot overrate how good this pie is! THANK YOU BP.

Completely sold out in Queenstown today by early afternoon. PLEASE SEND MORE ASAP!”

Awesome! Way to go BP. I've heard they're pretty damned good, too! Good on you for being on the ball with this sort of thing. As society changes, businesses need to respond. And society is most definitely changing. For animals, people, and the planet, there are a whole lot of people out there going vegan.

The only complaints came from people unable to get their hands on the pies packed with coconut, vegan chicken, cauliflower, potato, capsicum and broccoli, all encased in pastry made with margarine.


Following a rush of friends tagging other advocates of a plant-based diet overseas, BP’s social media teams in Australia, the UK and several other countries have been fielding enquiries asking when the pie will be available in their region. 


BP NZ retail general manager Adrian McClellan says: "Wild Bean is known as having the best pies and we expect our vegan pie to be in hot demand. We think it's so good that many of our regular meat pie lovers will enjoy trying the satay vegan pie instead of their usual meat favourite."


With more than 5,000 sales of the pie throughout New Zealand in its launch week, the vegan pie is clearly here to stay.


We think our vegan pies are so good that many of our regular meat pie lovers will enjoy trying the satay vegan pie instead of their usual meat favourite.
Adrian McClellanBP NZ retail general manager

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