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Our Australian and New Zealand businesses spend $1.2 billion annually across 3,000 suppliers
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Transacting with us

Whether it’s a new food or beverage offer, establishing a contract to ensure safe, efficient construction of a new petrol station, or securing intellectual property rights, bp's procurement team facilitates the purchase of goods and services for retail, marketing, technology, capital works, logistics, legal, human resources and information technology.


This information is relevant to third-party suppliers of goods and services to the bp fuels marketing business in Australia including capital project and maintenance services, marketing and technology, utilities and other indirect services such as legal, human resources, information technology, etc.


For information relating to third-party New Zealand suppliers see the bp New Zealand website.

Ordering and payment channels

bp has three core channels available for transacting with third-party suppliers

The preferred channel varies based on the type of transaction and the amount. 

  • Credit card
    For approved low value, low frequency non-travel related purchases, bp accepts MasterCard as a method of payment.
  • Non-purchase order invoice
    Payment channel for approved categories only. Examples include government agencies, public services, insurance, utilities, sponsorship.
  • Purchase order or invoice against contract
    Preferred channel for the purchase of goods and/or services which is subject to bp's standard terms and conditions of purchase or references an agreement. This is done through SAP Ariba.
Credit card

For approved low value, low frequency non-travel related purchases, bp accepts MasterCard as a method of payment.


To apply for MasterCard merchant facilities, please contact your financial institution or visit MasterCard website.


For those suppliers who do not have MasterCard merchant facilities, please sign up with PayPal (or an alternate payment services provider) and submit your approved invoice to bp for payment. For further information and to register for a PayPal account, please visit PayPal website.


Please note both MasterCard and PayPal attract a nominal fee. Suppliers are advised to review the service providers' terms and conditions carefully.



  • Contact your bp representative to approve the method of payment 
    Before supplying any goods to, or commencing any services on-behalf of bp, please ensure you contact your bp representative to qualify the purchase for credit card.
  • Send invoice to your bp representative for verification of the charges
    Once any goods and/or services have been supplied to and accepted by bp, please send a copy of the invoice to your bp representative to verify the charges.
  • Process credit card transaction or submit invoice via PayPal for processing
    Once the charges have been verified, request the credit card details from your bp representative and process the payment. For suppliers without MasterCard merchant facilities, submit the invoice to your nominated bp representative via PayPal (email notification) for payment.
  • PayPal only: bp representative to process payment
    The bp representative will receive an interactive email from PayPal to enter their credit card details and process the payment.
Non-purchase order invoice

For transactions that do not qualify for credit card, bp's preferred method of payment is via a Purchase Order which is subject to our terms and conditions or a pre-negotiated contract.


There are some exceptions where bp will pay for specific services or transactions without reference to a purchase order, including:

  • bank statements
  • club and industry memberships/associations
  • government agencies
  • public services (e.g. councils)
  • royalties and refunds
  • credit agencies
  • port authorities
  • insurance
  • medical expenses
  • charitable donations and sponsorships
  • utilities
  • demurrage
  • inspectorates 

Before submitting any invoices, please ensure you contact your bp representative for guidance. Once approved, invoices should be sent to arbau@bp.com


Please make sure that you document the name and email address of your bp representative on the invoice. 



  1. Contact your bp representative to approve the method of payment 
    Before commencing any services on-behalf of bp , please ensure you contact your bp representative to qualify the purchase of a non-PO channel.
  2. Send invoice to bp via one of the following email addresses
    Invoices related to services performed on-behalf of Australian bp legal entities should be sent to arbau@bp.com in TIFF, JPEG or PDF format.
  3. The invoice is scanned and electronically routed for coding
    Key pieces of information are extracted from the invoice during scanning which is used for compliance and matching purposes. Non-compliant invoices will be rejected by accounts payable and returned to the supplier. Compliant invoices will be routed to the nominated bp representative for verification and coding.
  4. Invoice is coded and sent to finance
    Once the invoice has been coded, it is then sent to a finance representative for approval and payment. If rejected, suppliers will be notified via email.
Purchase order or invoice against contract: SAP Ariba

The Purchase order or invoice against contract method is our preferred way to transact with third-party suppliers. This method is typically utilised for our fuels marketing business. The purchase of goods and services are subject to bp’s terms and conditions.


Examples of business scenarios include: 

  • retail asset design and construction services
  • purchase and installation of underground tanks
  • fuel dispensers
  • signage
  • security services 
  • IT application development and maintenance
  • marketing production and print management
  • advertising
  • legal services and consumables such as stationery, personal protective equipment, information technology peripheral devices, etc.


The type of purchase order or invoice against contract channel adopted and the obligations of suppliers will vary based on the type of engagement or remuneration structure that has been agreed between bp and the supplier. Please reach out to your bp representative for guidance.


For services against a PO, the supplier creates the service entry sheet on behalf of bp and submits it for approval. 


For supplying of materials against a PO, the goods receipt is always performed by bp.




  1. Order raised by bp business representative
  2. Interactive email received containing the order from bp
  3. Order confirmation performed by the supplier
  4. Goods and/or services delivered to bp
  5. Service entry sheet submitted by the supplier
  6. Service entry sheet approved by bp business requestor
  7. Electronic invoice submitted by the supplier
  8. Payment  


SAP Ariba

The Ariba Network is a web based portal for suppliers to interact with bp to manage contracts, raise invoices and request payments.


Visit the SAP Ariba website for more information on a Standard account. Suppliers can also unlock additional features by upgrading to an Enterprise account (fees may apply).


Benefits and features


  • free for all basic transactions (Standard account enabled suppliers only)
  • ability to create and submit all documents electronically with multiple customers
  • improved invoice accuracy ensures suppliers are paid on-time
  • increase business with existing and future customers using Ariba Discovery
  • promote your company to other customers on the Ariba Network
  • email notifications and real-time status updates keep suppliers informed of where a transactional document is in the processing and payment lifecycle
  • electronic invoices can be downloaded for local archiving
  • enjoy a single, unified user experience using one account for order management and processing
  • it's all accessible on mobile devices via the Ariba app.


What does this mean for our suppliers?


  • all suppliers will need to have, at a minimum, a Standard account with SAP Ariba
  • all orders will be communicated to our suppliers via the Ariba Network
  • as a supplier, you will need to register your account with SAP Ariba, following the receipt of the interactive email attached to the first order from Ariba Network
  • you will also need to review and acknowledge any new orders (order confirmation) using the same interactive order email
  • for the supply of services, all suppliers are required to submit a service entry sheet (SES) once services are carried out for approval by bp
  • once approved, suppliers will need to submit an electronic invoice via the Ariba Network, which will be automatically posted for payment, if everything matches.


For more information visit bp's Supplier Support portal.

Getting started with SAP Ariba

Supplier expectations

All suppliers are expected to follow the Code of Conduct, Health & Safety Policy and Supplier Expectations.

Contact us

For queries related to bp's purchasing and payment process email: anzsuppliersupport@bp.com


For technical support on Ariba submit a customer support request via the help centre in Ariba or call 1800 766 694