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Solar energy

Delivering renewable power in the US

Lightsource bp's Bighorn Solar farm in Colorado
Solar plays an important role in bp’s renewables and power transition growth engine, and we’re advancing solar energy projects across the US.

Lower carbon energy

Solar energy is a part of bp’s five transition growth engines. We’re able to combine our world-class solar project development experience with our trading, mobility and customer expertise to deliver renewable power to our customers.

A snapshot of bp’s US investment

  • Lightsource bp operates 17 US solar projects in AL, AR, CA, CO, IN, KS, NM, PA, TX
  • 12 new projects under construction in TX, LA, AR, IN, PA
  • Capable of generating enough renewable electricity to power more than 550,000 homes

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Delivering renewable solar energy in the US

Lightsource bp

In November 2023, we agreed to acquire the remaining 50.03% stake in our solar joint venture Lightsource bp.


Since first joining forces in 2017, Lightsource bp has become one of the world’s leading developers and operators of utility-scale solar and battery storage assets. Full ownership will give us access to world-class onshore renewable development capability.


It’s a win-win: We plan to leverage Lightsource bp to ensure access to the most competitive renewable power for our transition growth engines – in hydrogen, EV charging and biofuels, as well as in power trading.


In addition, we intend to further scale up Lightsource bp and create additional value by applying our complementary capabilities and strengths – including in financing and trading – to the business.


The deal is expected to be complete in mid-2024, subject to regulatory approval.

Rows of solar panels
An aerial view of Peacock Solar farm, including rows of solar panels

bp solar

In addition to the Lightsource bp joint venture projects, bp began construction on Peacock Solar in Texas in 2023, and on Arche Solar in Ohio in late 2022 – both clear examples of how bp can provide lower carbon energy to local industry.


Arche Solar

bp’s Arche Solar project, located in Fulton County, Ohio, began construction in late 2022. bp secured a power purchase agreement with Meta for the 134-megawatt solar farm, which has potential to generate enough low carbon energy annually to power the equivalent of more than 20,000 US homes. Arche Solar is expected to provide more than $30 million in revenue to benefit local public services over the life of the project.

Peacock Solar
In September 2023, construction began on our187-megawatt dc Peacock Solar project north of Corpus Christi in San Patricio County. Expected to come online in the second half of 2024, Peacock is projected to create up to 300 jobs during construction and provide more than $25 million in tax revenue over the first 25 years of the project’s life.