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Trading & shipping

Based primarily in Houston and Chicago, our US trading and shipping (T&S) teams work across value chains, drawing together bp's capabilities to optimize energy systems for 3,500 North American customers annually. These include retail energy providers, power generators, producers, municipalities, private equity firms, renewable energy developers and natural gas consumers

By 2050, we see T&S’s portfolio of traded and marketed products helping to decarbonize the global energy mix. Beyond bp’s investments in renewable energy, T&S has been developing several other offerings to help customers meet their sustainability needs.

T&S portfolio

Connecting heavy transport with lower carbon fuel

We are a leading supplier of renewable natural gas (RNG), or ‘biogas’, to the US transportation sector. RNG is a key emerging fuel derived from waste and can be transported through existing natural gas pipelines.

In support of bp’s ambition, our biogas strategy is focused on growth. Our trading team currently has 24 flowing biogas offtake agreements with various facilities across the US – and another 15 contracted to flow in the future.

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