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The Transportation & Climate Initiative

Transportation is the number one source of greenhouse gas emissions in the US, according to the EPA. TCI is designed to reduce it by 20-25% across the region, all while creating jobs, boosting the economy and modernizing infrastructure
Cars driving on a highway in downtown Boston

The Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) is a regional collaboration seeking to improve transportation, develop a clean energy economy and reduce carbon emissions across 12 East Coast states and the District of Columbia. 

Modeled after RGGI and designed by state leaders, with help from the Georgetown Climate Center, the program would create a regional cap and trade program for transportation emissions. The policy aims for a 20-25% reduction in covered emissions in the first 10 years of the program, depending on the cap.


TCI will generate revenue that can be used to bring cleaner, modernized infrastructure to the region – including funds that can focus on underserved communities. 


The US needs to release fewer emissions into the atmosphere. We also  need to generate new jobs and revenue at this crucial moment. TCI does both.  Estimates show TCI will:


  • Add jobs to the region, from high-tech roles to the construction of modernized infrastructure and more.
  • Increase regional GDP – studies predict a modest growth in GDP and disposable income that will help states recover.
  • Provide certainty for businesses. TCI sets out a plan that increases the cost of carbon emissions, and lowers the cap on how many are allowed, over time. That gives industries the stability needed to invest more in clean technologies – like renewable power generation, electric vehicle infrastructure, hydrogen fuels, advanced biofuels and more. And the jobs that come with them.
  • Reduce emissions 4X. Transportation is the largest source of pollution in most TCI states. TCI’s primary purpose is to reduce it by at least 20% in 10 years. 

bp joined with business leaders, transportation companies, environmental groups and more to bring this policy to the east coast.


We’ll continue to support state and regional carbon pricing programs, including TCI.