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Working in China

As one of the leading foreign investors in China, we’re growing together with our 15,000 talents, including employees, joint venture staff and contractors
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Diversity and inclusion

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion (D&I) enables us to be creative, competitive and to thrive in our environment. So we work to attract, motivate, develop and retain the best talent from all our communities.


We respect individual differences, value the contribution each employee makes and welcome different perspectives. In a recent survey, the majority of our employees in China believed that managers seek out diverse views from their teams.


We also believe that the proportion of women in leadership should be reflected in our workforce as a whole and we are making good progress to attract, develop and retain more women. 

Learning and development

We’ll invest in your development, both to equip you with the technical skills to do your current job and to ensure you have a fulfilling, long-term career that’s in line with your strengths and ambitions – whatever direction you want to take. 

Through our performance management process, we’ll work closely with you to ensure that you accomplish a set of clear, previously agreed and achievable objectives. We’ll provide great induction and work-shadowing programmes to get you up to speed. 


And, as you progress, we’ll support you to learn as much as you can – however experienced you are – although you’ll have every opportunity to drive your own development. A range of structured courses, online learning and mentoring will help you develop your leadership, personal and technical skills.

Rewards and benefits

To attract and retain the best people, we offer competitive rewards that go far beyond the financial. 

When you join bp, you’ll be eligible for a pay and benefits package that is amongst the best in the Chinese employment market.


On top of that, we’ll enable you to learn and develop through both formal training and informal mentoring. 

Commitment to safety

bp in China makes the safety and reliability of its operations the overriding priority. 

We learn through the challenges we constantly face and explore new ways to improve our design, technology and processes.


And by developing engineering and control systems that reduce hazards and support compliance, capability and performance, we look to ensure all our people are safe and secure in the environment they work in.

It’s really important that we work well together, especially when the majority of our businesses in China are joint ventures. We’re strong partners. It’s not easy to do and we do it really well.

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