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Video interviews

Find out more about video interviewing and how to do well, with tips from bp recruiter Jason Mills

Video interviewing

The world of talent acquisition is always changing, and in most industries, technology continues to play a key role in how recruiting advances as a discipline. Among other emerging trends, on-demand video interviewing is a tool that is growing in popularity during employer screening and selection processes. Although there are significant benefits to this method of assessment (which I will discuss later), there is a large population of the professional market that is unfamiliar or otherwise uncomfortable with this new platform. In this article, I will share some key insights and best practices on how to put your best foot forward in an on-demand video interview.

What is it?

On-demand video interviewing is a relatively new approach to the applicant screening process that integrates pre-recorded question prompts (similar to the questions one might be asked during a traditional phone screening) and gives candidates a timeframe to record their own video response to the questions.

Why it works

On-demand screening ensures that every candidate is given the exact same interview experience. Each individual will be asked the same set of questions in precisely the same way which allows them to demonstrate their unique abilities and background in a fair and unbiased setting.


On-demand also allows candidates to take part in the process on their own time. A majority of currently-employed job-seekers prefer to partake in screenings during “after-work” hours. On-demand can be done from the comfort of your home at whatever time is most convenient to you.

Key tips


We all get the jitters before an interview, but it’s important to be confident in your video interview.
Remember that you’ve been chosen to participate in the selection process because the company believes you are qualified for the role.
Take a deep breath and make sure you’re in a good mental state before beginning.


Most on-demand platforms will have a calibration stage that will allow you to test out the technology and answer several practice questions before the official interview begins. Take full advantage of practice questions to ensure your equipment is functioning properly and that you have a good handle on how the system works. Additionally, ensure you have your resume handy and you’ve taken a moment to go over your “elevator pitch” so you can accurately summarize your experience if/when it’s requested.

Your environment does matter

Choose a well-lit room with minimal visual or auditory distractions. Your background should be clean and professional in nature so the recruiter’s focus can be on you during your recordings and not the things going on around you.

Dress the part, act the part

You ultimately get to decide how you’d like to present yourself for this part of the process. The way you choose to dress for the interview will have an impact on the recruiter’s perception of you as a professional. Dress in the manner you would typically dress for an on-site interview to help you stand out as a professional who takes this opportunity seriously.

Be yourself

Cheesy, I know, but nevertheless true. One of the biggest benefits of on-demand video interviewing is that it gives candidates the ability to show who they are in a way that phone screening does not. With the visual component of these screenings, you can let your personality, passion and unique way of communicating truly shine as you respond to the questions – don’t be afraid to stand out, it’s actually a good thing.

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