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Supplying to bp

bp currently works with over 46,000 global and diverse suppliers across 60 countries. Building strong relationships with our contractors and suppliers is an important step in delivering our net zero ambition and our aims


We’ve set aims to get bp to net zero and help the world get there too, to care for our planet, and to improve people’s lives. We look forward to working with suppliers that share our values, support our aims,  genuinely care about building sustainable supply chains and strive for innovation and excellence in their delivery.

Our supplier programmes

Find out more about how we put bp’s purpose into action through sustainability, local development and supplier diversity programmes

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Supplier expectations

Read more about what bp expects of its suppliers

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bp’s procurement processes 

Read more about bp’s sourcing and transacting processes

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Supplier help and support

View our supplier training guides and find out where to get support on transacting with bp