Sarylar- a journey to the Karabakh horse

The documentary “Sarylar”, sponsored by BP, is the company’s contribution to the wider recognition of a unique breed of horses whose home is the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan.  

It is a touching story of the beautiful creatures known as the Karabakh horses named Sarylar, defining the origin, history and characteristic features of these thoroughbred horses.
The film describes a journey that starts from the glorious Golden Boy – a Karabakh horse that performs a beautiful Azerbaijani dance at the Windsor Castle in the UK in 2012 during the queen’s Diamond Jubilee. It then stretches across many lands to find that the successors of the Karabakh horses now living in Windsor are refugees, having fled from the land of Karabakh, and Golden Boy II, to whom the journey heads, is of the same bloodline in the fifth stallion generation since the 1950-ies.

The documentary is a joint product created by Azerbaijanfilm and STUDIO TOR 1 Filmproduktion of Berlin.