“Mysterious Tales of Tabriz” presented to public

BP hosted public presentation of the book “Mysterious Tales of Tabriz”, the first publication dedicated to the traditional medieval Azerbaijani miniatures. 

This publication was funded by BP as part of its commitment to promote Azerbaijan’s cultural heritage, as well as  the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and “PASHA Life Insurance” Open Joint Stock Company. It was published by the IRS Publishing House.  

The event brought together BP and SOCAR representatives, government officials, embassy representatives, NGOs, international institutions and media.  

Addressing the event, Gordon Birrell, BP’s Regional President for Azerbaijan-Georgia and Turkey said: “Over the past 20 years of our presence here we have built a remarkable track record of supporting important research works and publications. These are mainly books that aim to pass the country’s valuable heritage to future generations. We believe that by supporting these initiatives we are contributing to the increasing local and international recognition of Azerbaijan’s cultural heritage.” 

“Mysterious Tales of Tabriz“ written by professor Jamila Hasanzade, tells about the surprisingly bright phenomenon in the world of art - the  Azerbaijani  medieval miniature which has been represented  for  centuries by many  schools and  talented artists. The works of Azerbaijani miniaturists are available in few museums including the Metropolitan in New York, the Freer Gallery in Washington, the Topkapi Museum in Istanbul, the Dublin Chester Beatty Library, the Tehran Gulistan Palace, the British Museum and the British library, the Library of the University of Edinburgh, the Russian National Library, as well as the Louvre Museum and the National Library in Paris. A lot of the precious miniatures of Tabriz masters remain inaccessible to researchers as they are stored in private collections.  

This publication will serve as a valuable scientific book to research the legacy left by Tabriz masters and moreover, will enable readers from all over the world to reach Azerbaijan’s rich cultural heritage.